Oriental motor CRK564AP-T30

Taper Hobbed/TH geared type 5-phase stepper bundle (motor + pulse input type DC drv.) with single-shaft end – 0.024?? step angle (15000 steps/turn) – Oriental Motor (CRK series) – Gear ratio 1/30 – 4Nm maximum holding torque – Rated current 1.4A/phase – 40mm motor case – Flange mounting – Input voltage 24Vdc – Frame size 6 (60x60mm) – with 1 x 60cm pigtail terminated with bare end flying leads


Inclination Dimensions60 mm
typeTH Geared
Axis Typesingle-shaft
Electromagnetic brakewithout
Excitation Maximum Quiescent Torque4 N??m
Rotor moment of inertia J175??10-7?kg??m2
Reduction ratio30
Basic step angle0.024??
Allowable torque4 N??m
Holding torque at standstill, energized4 N??m
Speed range0??60 r/min
Backlash10 arcmin (0.17??)
Power Input VoltageDC24 V
Power Input Voltage Tolerance??10 %
Power Input Current2.5 A
Excitation methodMicrostepping
Rated current1.4 A/phase
Speed and Position Control CommandsPulse train input type
Maximum Input Pulse Frequency500 kHz (at 50% Duty)
Motor Weight:0.95 kg
Circuit Mass0.04 kg


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